Oscar winners for “Best Picture” on Blu-ray part 2 (1959 – 1988)

And the Oscar goes too … This is part 2 of the Series about Oscar Winners for “Best Picture” on Blu-ray. The second part is from 1959 to 1988. In this time period you can find film highlights like Ben-Hur, Rain Man and The Godfather.

The final part from 1989 to 2013 will come out soon. For the first part click here: Oscar winners for “Best Picture” on Blu-ray (1928 – 1958)

Year Movie Buy USflag Buy UKflag
1959 Ben-Hur Buy Buy
1960 The Apartment Buy Buy
1961 West Side Story Buy Buy
1962 Lawrence of Arabia Buy Buy
1963 Tom Jones N/A N/A
1964 My Fair Lady Buy Buy
1965 The Sound of Music Buy Buy
1966 A Man for All Seasons N/A N/A
1967 In the Heat of the Night N/A N/A
1968 Oliver! Buy Buy
1969 Midnight Cowboy Buy Buy
1970 Patton Buy Buy
1971 The French Connection Buy Buy
1972 The Godfather Buy Buy
1973 The Sting Buy Buy
1974 The Godfather Part II Buy Buy
1975 One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Buy Buy
1976 Rocky Buy Buy
1977 Annie Hall Buy Buy
1978 The Deer Hunter Buy Buy
1979 Kramer vs. Kramer Buy Buy
1980 Ordinary People N/A N/A
1981 Chariots of Fire Buy Buy
1982 Gandhi Buy Buy
1983 Terms of Endearment Buy Buy
1984 Amadeus Buy Buy
1985 Out of Africa Buy Buy
1986 Platoon Buy Buy
1987 The Last Emperor Buy Buy
1988 Rain Man Buy Buy


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