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What comes after the Blu-ray?


Blu Ray (BD) is an optical disc storage medium was designed to supersede the DVD format. The plastic Blu Ray disc the same size as DVDs and CDs, but provides noticeable differences in the definition and quality of the picture. Blu Ray discs contain about 25 GB per layer, and dual later discs (50 GB) are the industry standard for ... Read More »

Best Blu-Ray Documentaries


In this article you can find a selection with a short review of the best Documentaries that are available on Blu-ray. Under the Sea (2009) A stunning visual roller coaster ride into the cerulean depths of the majestic ocean, Under The Sea is a captivating change of perspective. Dive in leagues beneath the sea to experience an entirely separate dimension of ... Read More »

Comic film adaptations on Blu-ray (1978 – 2002)


Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises or Iron Man 3 all of these are very successful Movies at the Boxoffice and in the next years will be more Comic adaptations in cinemas like Avengers 2, The Guardians of the Galaxy or a new Man of Steel with Batman. But there was also not very successful movies like Catwoman or ... Read More »

Can I already buy 4K (Ultra HD) TVs?


Yes, the first Televisions that support 4K resolution are available in stores. But the prices are very high. The first models had a price of more than 20.000 Dollar. But now it will be more and more 4K TVs available for around 5000 Dollar. You can find the Sony XBR-55X900A for 4998 Dollars, the LG 55LA9700 for 5999 Dollars and ... Read More »

Are there movies in 4K on Blu-ray?


Yes a few movies are released on Blu-ray in 4K. The movies like Amazing Spiderman or Total Recall are Mastered in 4K. In the near future it should be more movies available in 4K resolution. The Blu-rays can be used in your Blu-ray player or Playstation 3. You can watch this movies on your Full HD TV, too. But to ... Read More »

What is “Ultraviolet”?


You may already saw it on the Blu-ray movie covers. If not on the top of the cover you can find “Ultraviolet” or “UV”. It means that the movie is also available for other devices like tablets, smartphones, computer and game consoles. If you buy the Blu-ray you will have the movie not only on the disc. You get also ... Read More »

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